Thursday, July 24, 2008

breathe your peace, breathe your peace on us, that we might breathe you deep.

I write not for sympathy, but for prayers.
A few months ago my uncle was diagnosed with lung cancer. He had been previously diagnosed with emphysema, and they warned him to quit smoking but he didn't until he was diagnosed with cancer. He is in the hospital now because he is becoming delirious and they've found its spread to his bones and possibly his brain. At this point its just a matter of days or hours. I think the hardest part for me, even though I am sad, is to see my dad loose his brother and best friend. My dads NASCAR buddy. My dad used to spend hours on the phone every Sunday talking about the race with my uncle Ronnie and Grandpa. Soon it will just be him. Kind of makes me want to start watching it.
My Uncle Ronnie is "the crazy one" in the family, always loud, the life of the party type, but has the sweetest and most gentle heart. He never took life to seriously and hes gotten a lot of crap for it over the years from my family but that is what I love about him. He never let anyone bring him down. I can't find one picture where hes not wearing a crazy Hawaiian shirt or making a funny gesture or laughing. Hes so sweet too. At stage four cancer, July 4th weekend, he came down to make his rounds to all of his family. I love how my brother got to see him, him and my Uncle were lighting fireworks at the Elementary school by my house, and when the neighbors came out and yelled at them my Uncle wanted to "blow up their mailbox". I just love him and I'll miss him a lot.
Every time the phone rings I feel sick. I know its inevitable, its just hard...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

1 Year

Today was me and Wes's one year anniversary, It was a really good day.

The day started out with him giving me an unexpected coach purse. It was really sweet because the purse has a purpose, Its one of those over-the-shoulder small ones so that I won't get pick pocketed while I'm in Europe and so no one can grab my purse. I thought it was really sweet and generous and a good surprise.
Then he took me to Market Street where we got REALLY yummy sandwiches and fruit and then he took me to the park and had a picnic. It was so fun!

Then we went to the mall because (well this is another story but I guess I'll explain.) Wes got a really good graphic design job and then was able to quit his job at Nautica, this week was his last week, so he used his discount to get me some sweet shoes, but we had to get a different size. So that's why we went to the mall.

Then we went to my house and hung out until about 7:00 where we went to NAAN, a really cool sushi restaurant. The food there was SO YUMMY, we had sushi and hot green tea and edamame and rice.. we ate a lot.

Then we walked around the shops in Allen and got Starbucks, and sat on a bench by the little pond. then we went swimming and now I'm home!

Today was a really fun day. Unfortunately I forgot my camera for the second part of the day so I only got pictures of the picnic.
I'm so blessed to have Wes and it was such a fun day just enjoying each other and having fun!

This is the type of purse he got me, it's not the same one but I couldn't find it,
mine has red on it.

This is our really yummy lunch. I had a grilled veggie panini. SO GOOD
his had bacon on it...

Our feetsies, it was a pretty day.

The rest are just silly pictures that Wes and I took..
This is Wes' scary moster face


It took forever to get a good picture...

There are more silly pictures but I won't bore you with redundancy. Maybe later.

I love wes!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My favorite things.

I thought i'd steal Kates Idea and put some of my favorite things. I dont really have anything off the top of my head right now so this will be interesting...

1. Sushi. I love sushi, I crave it all the time, every day. ITS SO GOOD. I also have a thing for soy sauce but that can be implied.

2. charcoal. - My favorite media- My favorite part is getting messy

3.Bubble tea- also known as "boba tea" - love it or hate it. I love it.

4.The shower.-can i put this on here? Its my favorite place and favorite part of the day. Where I am the most alone.

5.Toms shoes- very comfortable. For every pair of shoes you buy, Toms shoes gives one to a child in need. I think they are cute. Mine actually broke because i wore the crap out of them so I need to invest in a new pair.

6. Post-it flags- They make studying so much easier and organized. You can never have too many.

7. My diffuser. you can't blow dry curly hair without one, you just can't.

8. "Emergen C"- By reccomendation of Kate, these things work miracles. Take it right when you feel like your getting sick and it gives you a kick of energy and vitamins. I swear these things have saved me from getting sick multiple times.
I like rasberry

9. Speedo goggles. If you like to swim laps, these goggles are the one and only. They never get foggy or leak water into your eye (yes eye, singular, its always just one). I can't swim laps with out them. I like the ones with the light blue caps on the eyes it makes the water look pretty. hehe

10. bobby pins. You just can't live without them.

11. Fox 40- Although I am currently not lifeguarding this whistle is AWESOME. its so loud, it has no ball in it, or its "pealess", so it doesnt sound funny if it gets wet. Its good for blowing and yelling "KNOCK IT OFF". or just blowing.

Well there you have it. I dont have many cool original items that no one has heard of, but these are some of my favorite things.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Well, lets see,
Galveston was fun. The first day i got there I didn't understand why people call it "crappy". But the more time you spend there the more you see that it is in fact a little ghetto. But its very pretty and its a beach so who cares. Wes and I went on a walk last night and when we passed this bridge that has water under it running into the creek, we both thought we smelled Galveston. If that gives you any idea.
Anywho, So the first day we helped them move in, blah blah. The next day it rained, so we went and saw "Hancock". (which was not my decision.) But it wasn't THAT bad, it was pretty cute. Then that night, which was the 4th, it stopped raining and we went and watched fireworks on the beach. It was really fun. while walking down the beach, we came across these rocks that had little tide pools around them. We only had 2 flashlights, but we stooped there a while and found all kinds of critters, like crab and stuff. The next day we went to the beach all day and Wes got sunburned, I did on my face because I forgot to put sunscreen on my face, and apparently we didn't get a high enough SPF for Wes. That night we came back to the rocks, this time with more flashlights and explored a while, it was fun.
Well that in a nutshell was my trip.

My life is about to get very busy. ill explain more later.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I roll the window down,
and then begin to breathe, in.
The darkest country road, and the strong scent of evergreen,
from the passenger seat
as you are driving me home
then looking upward
I strain my eyes and try,
to tell the difference between,
shooting stars and satellites
from the passenger seat as
you are driving me home

do they collide?
I ask, and you smile
with my feet on the dash, the world doesn't matter

When you feel embarrassed, Ill be your pride.
when you need directions, Ill be the guide.
For all time,
for alllllllllll timmmmmeee..