Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Where is this country headed?
Really take a look at the changes in the past 100 woopty-doo days and see how much has changed. Most of it under your nose. Does anyone out there care? Does anyone even realize! one little change at a time. Where will we be 4 years from now...
Everyone needs to stop just going with the flow and realize how much change is really happening.

One thing that I just cannot get over is the carelessness with abortion. I don't understand the numbness to it. Do some research on it and tell me if that doesn't give you a glimpse into the hearts of your leaders.

Imagine a baby has just been induced prematurely and left to die as a form of abortion. Imagine the baby put in a room with no comfort or medical care to suffer and die. All of its energy being used to fight for one breath after another. Did you know that your president DEFENDED that?
That's beyond "choice".

This country has sat back and watched one slow change after the other. This is beyond stupid math and bad ideas. This is our country and everyone is just going with the flow and accepting change. Its fair enough if someone is informed and still agrees, but i promise you that if you tested the understanding of the American people of what was really going on, and what they REALLY believed and stood for, it wouldn't be such a "go with the flow" attitude.
I'm just tired of people not paying attention and not caring.

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Kate said...

That's why Texas is going to succeed......hopefully.

This is a good place to be when it all goes down- we have the most guns!