Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Top 10 Plans for the Summer.

#1: Make up for lost time with friends and family
#2: Work and save money
#3: Do art
#4: take care of myself, work out, eat healthy (already a work in progress)
#5: Scrap book my Spain trip
#6: Spend lots of time outside
#7: go to the beach
#8: Decide and plan for Costa Rica
#9: Get my car fixed so I can get it inspected... shhhh
#10: Relax


Kate said...

I miss laying by the pool everyday.....while you turned black and I changed a shade

Raquel said...

lol. I miss it too. The last time i remember laying by the pool with you was when you first got engaged and you kept saying, look it sparkles! lol. (i think thats the last time at least)
I cant wait!