Sunday, September 6, 2009

yoga and some random thoughts

so yoga is the greatest thing.
I say that everytime i restart yoga as if I am trying it for the first time.I did it while I was taking prerequisites in denton and i loved it.
I couldnt find a class to fit with my schedule so I bought a DVD from half priced books. The guy is doing yoga in what appears to be hawaii (or Japan?), on a mountain with the ocean in the background lol.
I can fit the work out to my schedule and do up to an hour and a half if i wanted... (if I wanted)..
Why didn't I think of this earlier?

Other than that, school has once again come to steal my free time and I have been sitting at this desk all weekend so I can get ahead and hang with fam on monday. My goal this semester is to stay as stress free as possible, I'm really working on my anxiety. Its hard because I constantly pray about it but its not that I am conciously not trusting God, its just this physiolgical, knot in the stomach, nervous feeling that I'll have all day, even when my thoughts are on something else..

Im so thankful for my wonderful job that I dont deserve that God has so graciously given me.. Few , flexible hours, wonderful kids.. not to mention I can study while im there..

This monday I turn 22.. Weird.

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